World of Warcraft Game- Nightbane Priest

Spells: Several new spells disappear and makes its appearance, many spells are entitled to more or less important changes.The fire-keepers and ice disappear.

Amplify-and mitigate the magic disappear too.

Guardian-Mage: Done a triumphal entry, he absorbs fire damage, frost and arcane. It replaces and surpasses So far the old guards.

-Almost all of our fates pass at 40 m range.

-All DoTs should (in theory) be affected by the haste of the DoT and the Living Bomb Explosion Pyrotechnics can be critical base.

The wave-Explosion is now used in the same way as the shock of flame, and it projected more.

Arcane-Enlightenment requires more components and there is only one version of the buff, whether it be for either himself or the raid. Over the fate does more intelligence but of spell power and mana.

-Mana Shield now has a cool down of 12 seconds.

-Dispelling the curse, theft of fate, can now be used “sideways”, ie when there is nothing to dispel, you lose the mana and GCD correspondent.

-Living Bomb may be placed on three targets at once at most and it can be restarted on a target even before the explosion of the previous one, which is directly before disappear, making you lose dps.

Combustion-has been completely revised, the fate inflicts critical damage it inflicts instant and then a DoT on the target equal to damage all your dots present on the target.

Metamorphosis happening at 1.7-second cast.

-The area of effect of the shock of flame was enlarged, it is now equivalent to that of Blizzard.


– The mind becomes a feature totally useless, no talent no longer operates, nor the mage armor or armor of the furnace. You can now view the mind in the same manner that the force!

– The intelligence will give us the power of spells in addition to the critical and mana. and regeneration of mana. Spell Power disappears almost completely from the equipment.

– The Masters made its appearance, but it is not available on basic equipment, nor the enchantments or on gems, the only way to get at the moment is to edit your equipment.